Saturday, November 13, 2010

SurfStream Barreling Wave Machine debuts

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), an innovator in artificial wave technology, recently announced the successful commissioning of the first modular surfing system delivering multiple wave types including a left and right breaking barrel option.

AWM will be exhibiting at this year's IAAPA Attractions Expo. The AWM team (Bruce, Marie & Jennna) will be at the booth, along with East Coast Pro Surfer Lauren McLean. We'll be at booth number 4415.

Surfers are lining up to ride real surfboards with fins on the first barreling standing wave in Europe. The machine debuted at the Himlabadet Municipal Aquatic Sports and Spa Facility in Sundsvall, Sweden and is another first for AWM.

The locals in Sundsvall came out in full-force to ride SurfStream at the opening day event, sponsored by Quiksilver™ and Red Bull.

The event featured a live demonstration of the newly patented barreling wave technology and patent pending adjustable gated stream delivery system. The installation of the 16' x 4' high SurfStream (model 4016) paves the way for larger systems and establishes a value benchmark in the industry.

As early adopters of innovative technology, Himlabadet has received positive responses from the riders.

"We rode the SurfStream® with a 4'2" twin fin and a 5'0" thruster. The riding was awesome," said Per Öhman, a local Baltic Sea surfer from Sundsvall. "With the modular inserts, we can alternate between frontside and backside surfing in 82 deg. water. We're totally stoked to have a SurfStream® in our hometown."

The modular system can be configured into four different waves; a wide wave for beginner stand-up surf training, a left barrel, a right barrel, and a wide standing hydraulic jump wave.

"It's been a great experience working with the team at Himlabadet and VinterTeknik to bring this SurfStream on-line," said Bruce McFarland, President of AWM. "After a long development project, to finally see surfers, snowboarders and wakeboarders surfing a man-made barreling wave was fulfillment of a shared vision."

About American Wave Machines, Inc.
American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) develops artificial wave technology for applications in the aquatics, amusement, and resort industries. Its patented SurfStream®, the world’s first standing wave machine, is a technology breakthrough that delivers authentic surf and wave riding capabilities. The company also offers PerfectSwell™ wave generators for wave pools and custom surf pool design and equipment for large surf pools. For more information, visit

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