Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Monster City Studios brings "Fresh Ideas Marketplace" to IAAPA Expo

I have to admit that one of my favorite activities at IAAPA is enjoying all the amazing themed environments companies bring to the hall. Monster City Studios has made some of my favorites in the past and I'm excited to see what they bring this year.

For 2015 their theme is “Fresh Ideas Marketplace.” With the goal being to escape the run of the mill trade show booths everyone is so familiar with, Monster City Studios promises to take an organic approach. Monster City Studios’ Fresh Ideas Marketplace will be located outside at IAAPA exhibit space # 7110.

“We want this year’s exhibit to be different from traditional booths and get back to the roots
of our creative business. The goal is to inspire our customers and give them a fresh,
new way to approach and grow their ideas from concept to project completion.”
says Richard Deaver, President of Monster City Studios.

Deaver also stated “We are excited to be outside this year because our exhibit is a natural, original, upcycled concept so we wanted to capitalize on that and really get our message to our prospective clients that we are doing things in a fresh, new way. Creating a memorable experience has to begin somewhere. The Fresh Ideas Marketplace is the best place to start.”

“Our work and attention to detail speaks for itself, but we want to go beyond that and share our creative process with others," stated Kelley Nelson, Head of Business & Brand Development for Monster City Studios. "We want to show how working with Monster City in a collaborative way, can cultivate new, original ideas that will make their own brand standout.“